Hello world!

This is my new Page/Blog where I’m going to show my photography work and I hope to hear your input, so together we can make it PERFECT!

Perfect is my favorite word. When I heard one of my brides talking on her cell phone “photographer is perfect “, I knew it’s contagious, in a good way!

During my work I’m always focused on the moment.   I’m always close and in the action but If I see that my bride needs some space I will take a long lens. I love genuine smiles. It makes you YOU!

Working with KIDS I love to show their personality and the essence of the childhood:  we run and jump and play together. FUN =Great Photographs! 

I don’t  just shoot pictures, I create memories. That what makes it so special!

Here, on this page, I would like to share my favorite moments with you! Every photo shoot is a unique experience, because we are so different . That’s what makes us so Perfect!

Let me tell you about my last wedding experience. I traveled to sunny Miami, FL for a wedding of  my friends Tatiana and Carmelo.  Tati and Melo are High School sweethearts and on February 25 they decided to tie a Knot. 

The Bride and Groom got ready at the Hilton hotel. Melo was not allowed to see Tati until the ceremony. So Romantic!

Everything was Perfect: the Dress, the Shoes and all  the Jewelry were such a complement to a Beautiful Bride…

Final touches…

…on the way to the ceremony location,  the majestic Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Amazing Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.. such a beautiful location for the Wedding

The rings and a kiss

Reception was also at the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Friend and Family were happy to give their blessings..
…unfortunately not everybody could be present at this wonderful day …

The cake was absolutely delicious, cold champagne and great food…


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