Hello, I’m LANA.        {We all have a purpose in LIFE and mine

                                                                      – make people HAPPY}

I live on one of the most beautiful places in the US – Mackinac Island.

It’s in the top ten most popular places to tie the Knot.

I always had a passion for photography and Mackinac Island is just the right place! No matter where you go the nature and ambiance calls for great pictures.

I’m laid back and easy going person. I listen more then I talk. During the consultations I’m always focused on how to make your day special. I like to meet in person; it helps to get to know each other better. Skype is a great alternative to have a meeting. I believe a body language and personality can shine through the computer screen better then over the phone.

I’m a hopeless romantic… I believe in love at first sight, moreover that’s how I met my husband! (same for him)

Photographing Weddings makes me feel like I become a part of the family!

During my work I’m always focused on the moment.   I stay close and in the action but if I see that my bride needs some space I will take a long lens.

I love genuine smiles. It makes you YOU!

Working with KIDS I love to show their personality and the essence of the childhood:  we run and jump and play together. We always have FUN! 

My GOAL is not to shoot pictures, but to create memories.

That what makes it so special!

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